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  • Is Forza a member of a National Sporting Association?
    Forza Taekwondo is a member of the National Sporting Body, AusTKD. Only members of this association are recognised worldwide through World Taekwondo and the Kukkiwon. What this means is once you're a black belt your belt is recognised globally. And if you ever want to compete at an Olympic Games or a sanctioned WT Event you must be a member of AusTKD. This is the only pathway to compete at regulated and sanctioned events. Membership to Forza also ensures you are fully insured via AusTKD. Ensure you are a member at a qualified, insured and recognised club, ask your instructor if they are current members of these associations. You can also ask for proof of membership. AusTKD Kukkiwon World Taekwondo
  • How do I join?
    It's easy to join Forza Taekwondo. Come along for a free trial, and if you like it, you join. We have a multitude of classes catering to every age and belt level and qualified instructors to help you along the way. You can join any time during the term. For new members, your $75 joining fee also includes a dobok (uniform), insurance and member to Forza and its affiliates, AusTKD and World Taekwondo. Once you have registered your membership then choose a class plan that suits you, it's that easy! See our Membership Plans page for details: Forza Membership Plans.
  • I'm interested in competing, is that possible?
    A great way to test your taekwondo and gauge your skill level is through competing. We have a strong pedigree of competitors and compete locally, nationally and internationally throughout the year. At Forza we have 13 national championship titles, 4 national team reps and 13 international gold medals and that's just in the last 24 Months! Of course, competitions are optional, but If you aspire to represent your country or just want to test yourself then Forza will give you the opportunity to excel.
  • What is your fee structure?
    Our fee structure offers a variety of classes at competitive prices. We have a 3 tiered pricing model - See our Membership Plans page. Fees are based on yearly training costs, and divided over 50 weeks. Payments are made via Direct Debit every fortnight, for a total of 25 payments over the year. Therefore student fees are still payable over the 1 week term shut down periods, and no payment during the 2 weeks for the year end shutdown. Students can request a membership fee suspension for breaks of more than 2 weeks. There is a 2 week notice period for membership cancellations. An annual fee of $75 covers insurance and AusTKD membership payments is due each January/February. Forza Member Plans.
  • How often is belt promotion?
    Our gradings occur at the end of every term with a Dan grading twice per year. The grading fee is dependant upon current belt rank.
  • What ages do you cater to?
    We have specialty classes that cater for ages 3yrs to adults, with different skill levels and belt ranks. We also have classes for entire families to train together. Timetable and Program
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